With a wide breadth of expertise, F4C works closely with major organisations consistently providing outstanding quality of service - meeting the challenge facing managers and staff responding positively to change. Our best ambassadors are our clients, who tell us our training engages and motivates their staff, and frequently refer our courses to other organisations.  
"I would recommend F4C to businesses who need their staff to pull together, be motivated and transpire as high-performing teams. Thanks." 
Head of Credit Services Penguin Random House UK 
The F4C Team 
All recognised and respected in their field - business, health, communication or finance - our team of facilitating Associates meet the development needs of clients, managers and staff attending F4C workshops and coaching sessions. 
Recognising the need to remain abreast of the changing business climate and market trends, we regularly lead workshops for these facilitators. Sessions engender team ethos, sharing experiences and contribute to the prepared theme of the day. 
All value the opportunity for professional development and a rare chance to discuss with colleagues topics of mutual interest. 
Telephone us on: 01206 506100 | or email: info@focus4change.co.uk