Appraisals – fit for purpose? 

The way we work is changing. The management role – increasingly complex – demands a flexible response. 
Whether manufacturing goods, providing a service, or an academic organisation, this culture change demands response. Driven by technological advance, the market moves fast. Public or private sectors, the NHS or professions, it’s crucial to respond positively. 
So the role of the annual appraisal is vital, providing a positive platform for management and staff development. Increasingly it’s a strong element in nurturing and retaining talent. 
But as teams get smaller and the pace of work accelerates, is this just another task to fit into a busy schedule – for both manager and staff member? 
Staff are a key resource. How they respond to change reflects on departmental outcomes and external perceptions. 
Today’s employers have higher expectations of those entering the workplace. They focus clearly on talent management, staff retention and smaller engaged teams able to draw on experience and work smarter. 
Within this framework the appraisal is a vital management tool. Is it still fit for your purpose? 

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Appraisals – fit for purpose?
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