Consultancy – is it really an option? 

In the current climate many experienced staff are entering a transition phase with organisational change and mergers impacting on senior opportunities. 
For many, options may include voluntary severance or early retirement. But consultancy can also be a positive choice. Use of professional networks and expertise in a niche area can provide a satisfying career-transition ensuring skills and experience continue to be developed and drawn on. 
Self-employment is not for everyone. But it can provide a challenge; a source of income and fulfil a long-held ambition. A simple structure can be put in place for a successful knowledge-based consultancy keeping overheads low and limiting risk – the more complex the business, the greater must be the commitment, financially and legally. 
The status consultancy offers is attractive but it’s vital to consider this in the round – is it really for you? Many considering this option will have worked within large organisations and this F4C workshop takes an overview of all issues related to working for yourself as well as strategies for developing a professional portfolio, taking control and achieving life-balance. 
So is it an option? This practical one-day interactive workshop led by an experienced facilitator/coach, is well received with consistently positive evaluation. The workshop considers key areas which include: 
• What can I offer? 
• Is there a market for my expertise? 
• What is the best format for my consultancy? 
• What are the legal requirements? 
• What basics are needed eg forms, accounts, procedures? 
• What will I offer within my consultancy? 
• Would I benefit from linking with others? 
• How can I market myself? 
• How can I take control and achieve lifestyle balance? 
This workshop is intended to be realistic and practical; to identify whether consultancy is really an option. If yes, you will want to take your ideas further. If no then you have focused clearly on the facts and rejected consultancy – a decision has been made. 

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Consultancy – is it really an option?
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