Customer Service 

How we work is changing – staff development is key to business success. The trend is to work inclusively, to use experience and skills to work more effectively, to respond to new ways of working and changing career opportunities. 
F4C’s L&D Series draws on its broad in-house portfolio to offer open half-day interactive workshops on key training issues. Led by experienced, well-qualified facilitators, those attending are fully engaged on practical aspects which sustain personal effectiveness. 
Workshop Customer Service 
For All customer-facing staff 
Whether your customer base is internal or external, good customer service is about understanding their needs, meeting them consistently and going that extra mile. It is understanding what customers want and being empowered to know what they can do; recognising boundaries but also knowing they are not always bound by systems and processes which prevent them from providing a service. 
Customers are ever more demanding and mediocrity of service is unacceptable. Good customer service can make the difference between success and failure, retaining valued customers and offering the ‘edge’ to gain new business. Training is important in achieving highest standards.  
This interactive workshop identifies good practice and establishes practical strategies. On completion staff attending will: 
• Understand the business market place 
• Recognise business-sector competitors 
• Understand the importance of developing good customer relationships 
• Know the implications of poor customer service 
• Understand ethical communication 
• Develop strategies for dealing with conflict and complaints 
• Know the relevance of managing time 

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Customer Service
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