Difficult Conversations 

Management Matters is a series of practical half-day interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators in change management, communication and motivation. They provide a focus on core topics – an opportunity to look beyond the day-to-day. 
How we work is changing and the management role is increasingly complex; the ability to communicate and motivate others is key to personal effectiveness. This workshop is a rare opportunity to stand back from daily reality; to reflect with others on the impact of change and key development strategies. 
Workshop Communication – Difficult Conversations 
For Managers and team leaders 
Communication is central to organisational effectiveness. Technology provides a fast, screen-based means of communication readily available to support time management wherever you are. 
It is certainly easier to use technology. But are we in danger of losing the ability to communicate effectively face to face? 
Technology is not always the answer. Some conversations must be face to face; but the less used the harder it become.! Some will be confrontational or deliver bad news. Such conversations cannot be avoided and it is vital this face-to-face core skill is not neglected. 
This interactive workshop considers techniques for managing difficult situations. On completion managers will: 
• Understand personal communication style. 
• Consider difficult conversations – how do they arise? 
• Avoid misunderstanding through clear, sensitive, effective communication 
• Review communication strategies – assertiveness, effective listening etc. 
• Consider pre-meeting preparation and face to face strategies 
• Understand the different types of conversations 
• Review how to deal with conflict 
• Identify strategies for remaining confident and professional 

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Difficult Conversations
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