Effective Appraisals 

Management Matters is a series of practical half-day interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators in change management, communication and motivation. They provide a focus on core topics – an opportunity to look beyond the day-to-day. 
The way we work is changing and the management role is increasingly complex. How we work is being redefined; the ability to communicate and motivate others is key to overall efficiency. This workshop is a rare opportunity to stand back from daily reality; to reflect with others on the impact of change and key development strategies. 
Workshop Effective Appraisals 
For Managers and Team Leaders 
The attitude towards annual appraisals covers the spectrum from a key process to benefit management and staff to a total waste of time. But today’s focus is clearly on talent management, staff retention and smaller engaged teams able to draw on experience and work smarter. 
Staff are a key resource. How they respond to change reflects on departmental outcomes and external perceptions. Employers today have higher expectations of those entering the workplace. 
Within this framework the appraisal is a vital management tool. 
Led by an experienced facilitator, on completion managers will: 
• Consider the benefits of a performance review 
• Identify what comprises a good appraisal experience 
• Review communication: effective, engaging and motivating 
• Recognise the importance of good preparation 
• Consider face to face interview; interpret body language 
• Identify and address the performance gap 
• Recognise potential, career and development training needs 
• Complete the admin circle and establish key review dates 
Appraisal is a key element in talent management and retention. 

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Effective Appraisals
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