Effective Communication 

Effective communication between colleagues, staff, clients and customers is central to organisational effectiveness. 
Technology supports simple, fast-written messages; an essential tool. But are we losing the ability to communicate effectively face to face? 
Contact is core to leadership and management and there is serious concern that staff use screens to distance themselves from colleagues – preferring strings of e-mails to simple discussions. Lack of person-to-person contact is impacting measurably on internal promotion opportunities; concerns are now frequently being expressed regarding the lack of potential leaders available internally. 
Technology constantly challenges performance and improvement of organisational efficiency. But communication, written or spoken, remains as crucial as ever, underpinned by clarity and understanding. 
F4C interactive workshops are tailored to address particular training needs including: 
• Persuasion and negotiation 
• Assertiveness 
• Difficult Conversations 
• Workplace relationships 
• Conflict management 
• Mentoring others 
Led by experienced facilitators, these interactive workshops are scoped to meet your training needs. Evaluations are consistently positive. Talent Management has never been more important. 

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Effective Communication
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