Interview Success 

How we work is changing. The trend is to work inclusively, to use experience and skills to work more effectively, to respond to new ways of working and respond to new career opportunities. 
F4C’s L&D Series draws on its broad in-house portfolio to offer open half-day interactive workshops on key training issues. Led by experienced, well-qualified facilitators, those attending are fully engaged on practical aspects which sustain personal effectiveness. 
Workshop Interview Success 
For All staff 
You enjoy what you do and colleagues you work with – the last thing on your mind is applying for jobs. Despite the fact we hear it often, change really is a constant; it can through business restructure bring new responsibilities to impact on established teams. 
Change is not all negative. New and attractive opportunities can arise; suddenly you realise it is some time since your last interview. 
This interactive workshop will consider techniques for success. Whether the interview is internal or external, you will be helped to focus on experience and achievements; learn how to promote the benefits you would bring to a new position. 
On completion you will: 
• Understand the importance of being ‘career ready’ 
• Review experience and career aspirations 
• Develop key achievements 
• Understand the importance of preparation and key questions 
• Review types of interview and their focus 
• Understand key elements in the internal interview 
• Consider key phases and face-to-face techniques 
• Review and feedback 
Be confident and well prepared for your next interview. This is your career – take control and be ready when the opportunity arises. 

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Interview Success
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