Leadership & Management 

Supporting effective working with restricted staff and reduced budgets creates additional management pressure. In a climate of insecurity the effective manager must call on strong leadership and communication skills to ensure a proactive response to change, commitment to restructuring and new ways of working, flexible teams and changing responsibilities. 
Core elements include attracting and recruiting the right staff and motivating teams to be proactive to the corporate vision. It is essential to create a climate that values and retains staff and through talent management, identifies and develops key people to enable them to be successful in gaining internal promotion. 
Programmes aimed at accomplishing these objectives may include: 
• Change and transition 
• Executive coaching and mentoring 
• Culture Change 
• Communication 
• Talent management – identifying, nurturing and retaining 
• Motivating and leading teams 
• Optimal performance 
• Resilience and Stress awareness 
• Retirement and Third Phase lifestyle planning 
Interactive workshops are supported by our team of facilitators experienced in business development, leadership and communication able to draw out all underlying issues through group activities; to motivate and engage staff to successfully achieve your training outcomes. 

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Leadership & Management
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