Management Essentials 

Management Matters is a series of practical half-day interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators in change management, communication and motivation. They provide a focus on core topics – an opportunity to look beyond the day-to-day. 
How we work is changing and the management role is increasingly complex; the ability to communicate and motivate others is key to personal effectiveness. This workshop is a rare opportunity to stand back from daily reality; to reflect with others on the impact of change and key development strategies. 
Workshop Management Essentials – can less be more? 
For Managers and team leaders 
Change is today’s norm. Although initially small changes are absorbed as they build, unforeseen problems can arise and deadlines get tighter. At this point the manager needs to stand back; to review priorities and consider personal and team effectiveness – how to achieve more with less. 
This interactive workshop, led by an experienced leadership and management facilitator, identifies and explores with others essential tools and techniques for both achieving more within a quality-driven framework and personal life-balance. 
On completion managers will: 
• Consider the reality of change 
• Identify current successful coping strategies 
• Identify problem areas and ‘work smarter’ solutions 
• Consider techniques to aid team discussion and effective working 
• Prioritise and review changing or new responsibilities 
• Review time management strategies – can less mean more? 
• Identify key aspects for achieving life balance 

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Management Essentials
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