Managing Remote Teams 

Management Matters is a series of practical half-day interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators in change management, communication and motivation. They provide a focus on core topics – an opportunity to look beyond the day-to-day. 
The way we work is changing and the management role is increasingly complex. How we work is being redefined; the ability to communicate and motivate others is key to overall efficiency. This workshop is a rare opportunity to stand back from daily reality; to reflect with others on the impact of change and key development strategies. 
Workshop: Managing Remote Teams 
For: Managers and those with a staffing responsibility 
Not only is how we work changing but increasingly where we work. Office-based managers and staff find it convenient to work on projects from a home base; the convenience of screen-based communication allows easy contact with staff and clients. 
But technology also supports remote teams – individuals who work from home permanently.  
Their working time can be zoned to support international offices, family needs etc. Technology, core to working efficiently, allows greater involvement in the day-to-day, working and delivering against tight timescales; being accountable. 
But working remotely is not just about delivering, it is also about belonging, feeling valued and a key member of the team – not ‘out of the loop’. Managers attending will: 
• Consider the overall benefits for managers and staff 
• Understand limitations; identify challenges/solutions 
• Understand the importance of a climate of trust 
• Review communication; identify possible barriers and solutions 
• Review software, training, technical difficulties, and efficiency barriers. 
• Provide clear instructions, identify deliverables and deadlines 
• Respect personal/family boundaries and minimise ‘emergencies’ 
• Communicate regularly and provide a support network 
• Encourage on-line coffee breaks 
• Recognise achievements 

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Managing Remote Teams
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