Redundancy & Voluntary Severance 

In today’s fast-moving global economy, organisations restructure, job roles are reviewed and new opportunities arise. Established positions may be lost or responsibility reduced and staff may face voluntary severance or redundancy. 
If so, decisions must be made and it’s vital to review all options – internal and external – and their implications. Difficult choices must be made. 
F4C provide workshops and coaching to support management and staff in transition. A broad understanding of current issues and trends is built on considerable experience of supporting public and corporate sectors through change including the NHS, emergency services, local authorities, universities and the professions. 
Programmes are structured with clients to support those in transition, facing choices around voluntary severance, redundancy or early retirement. Experienced facilitators, provide the important elements for successful transition. 
Interactive workshops ensure those facing change are able to take informed decisions; a career move, internal opportunities, a new direction, more of the same, consultancy, retirement, a portfolio of different paid or voluntary activities – there has never been more choice. 
Workshops bring a focus to future directions and key steps to achievement. Other areas include self-marketing, networking, appropriate CV, personal profiles, interview technique etc. Following workshops those attending will have access to on-line and phone support for queries eg review job opportunities, applications, personal statements. 
Coaching and surgeries can be provided to support workshops; also for senior management, small numbers or other needs. 
Standard F4C workshops supporting transition: 
• Future Focus – a one-day transition workshop 
• Consultancy – is it an option? 
• Third Phase Planning – Retirement: Opportunity & Choice 

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Redundancy & Voluntary Severance
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