Team Communication 

How we work is changing – staff development is key to business success. The trend is to work inclusively, to use experience and skills to work more effectively, to respond to new ways of working and changing career opportunities. 
F4C’s L&D Series draws on its broad in-house portfolio to offer open half-day interactive workshops on key training issues. Led by experienced, well-qualified facilitators, those attending are fully engaged on practical aspects which sustain personal effectiveness. 
Workshop Team Communication 
For Team members facing change eg new ways of working, newly formed, merged, reduced, remote 
Workshop Team Communication – towards inclusivity 
Effective communication is core to today’s quality-driven business climate and technology provide a range of tools which are convenient, fast and readily available. We naturally use these but when was the last time we really thought about how the team communicate? 
Smaller teams, work-smarter techniques and procedures are all impacting on the way we work. Teams no longer just respond to routine tasks but are becoming involved in problem-solving – drawing on team experience to identify and implement efficiencies. 
Being more involved, drawing on team expertise using experience to be more effective is fulfilling and worthwhile but when was the last time you really considered the team strengths and the benefits they might bring?  
On completing this interactive workshop staff will: 
• Understand how the role of teams is changing 
• Review how the team currently communicates 
• Identify key team strengths 
• Consider the current work-flow – is it smooth? Are there snags? 
• Understand the implications of ‘inclusivity’ 
• Review ‘inclusivity’ – key aspects: plus and minus 
• Consider techniques for developing an inclusive team culture 
• Identify any necessary team development 
• Identify action points for discussion at next team meeting 

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Team Communication
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