Team Development 

Change is always with us but in today’s commercial and globally competitive climate it’s essential that organisations are open and flexible in their response. 
Staff are a key resource. How they adapt to new challenges reflect both on you and the company. How well do you know them? 
• Are your team fully engaged and responsive to change? 
• Does overall communication work - in-house, flexible and remote? 
• What is the overall team mix, experience and limitations? 
• Do they use experience to find new ways of working? 
• If so how do you respond? 
• Are there areas you would like to improve? 
• Is there a training and development need? 
• Strategies for effective working 
Is it time to stand back and reflect – to consider the impact of change which might be on the horizon. To take a moment to acknowledge possible trends – internal or external. How might you – and your team – react? Have they the skills and expertise to respond positively? 
Career development is an increasingly important element of staff retention. Is staff appraisal just an annual responsibility with limited time for review, or a vehicle for linking to future trends and team motivation? 
This workshop is not about management theories. It’s about improving efficiency, meeting changing needs and engaging your team – to work smarter to achieve both team and personal benefits. 

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Team Development
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