Team Motivation 

How we work is changing. What we do, how we relate to colleagues, customers and clients; how we use existing tools and integrate new ones. Managers need time to reflect on the ‘now’ and consider future needs. Teams must be more involved; empowered to draw on expertise. To review and challenge existing norms, to harness new ways of working – to do more with less! 
F4C know time is finite. But getting to ‘can do’ is a culture change for managers and their teams. This module is the fourth in a series of themed modules focusing on key management issues pertinent to the changing workplace. 
Workshop Team Motivation – getting to ‘can do’? 
For Managers and team leaders 
How we work is changing and today’s business climate demands an open and flexible response to new and different ways of working. Staff are a key resource and how they adapt to new challenges reflects on both the manager and the organisation. 
Encouraging teams to draw on expertise to problem-solve and work smarter will not only improve overall efficiency but bring a sense of achievement – a positive motivating factor. 
Not all teams are able to respond to working inclusively; for many it may be a complete culture change. This workshop will address key issues. 
On completion managers will: 
• Consider – are they really a team? 
• Review the overall team mix 
• Identify team experience and limitations 
• Review team meetings as a communication tool 
• Identify if teams use expertise to problem-solve. 
• If no, what development is required 
• Understand teams must be empowered to take decisions. 
• Understand the need as a manager to delegate 
• Develop an action list (to do now, items to discuss/research) 

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Team Motivation
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