The Resilient Manager 

Recent research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) identified managers most likely to succeed will be good communicators, flexible, innovative, collaborative and ethical with a sense of purpose. 
Work patterns are changing and the role of the traditional manager today is less about closed doors and autocratic control – more about collaborative working throughout the organisation, with customers and clients. Today not only must managers manage the day-to-day but increasingly lead diverse and remote teams. All demand strong leadership and communication skills. 
Managers know their role has changed with more emphasis on communication, the soft skills and time management. But the day-to-day takes over and there is little time to reflect. 
Technology provides a convenient, instant method of screen-based communication readily available wherever you are. This does save time but is it more directive than collaborative? 
Undoubtedly technology aids efficiency to allow managers to achieve more but its very convenience can lead to overuse and reduce the ability to communicate effectively. Some conversations are critical and must be face-to-face.  
At this point managers realise that loss of face-to-face interaction with staff teams is undermining their confidence. 
This interactive, practical half-day workshop is led by an experienced and well-qualified facilitator. Training materials, case studies and group discussion focus on key underlying issues and a dedicated workbook contains additional material; managers are encouraged to add personal reflections/notes to make this a comprehensive resource for future reference. 
Take this opportunity to stand back from the day-to-day and consider: 
• Has your role changed in the last year? If so: more of? less of? 
• How do you communicate now and is it still effective? 
• Are your direct reports fully engaged and responsive to change? 
• Is your lifestyle in balance? If not what needs to change? 
• Strategies for personal effectiveness – can more really be less? 

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The Resilient Manager
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