Third Phase Retirement Planning 

We no longer retire – but retirement is a whole new lifestyle. 
We may love what we do - maybe intend to work on. It’s a choice you can make. But the reality is your career is waning! That’s not to say your experience is no longer needed – there are interesting and different avenues to explore. 
This third phase really is about Opportunity & Choice. Living longer, being in control sounds great. But the reality can be daunting. There has never been more opportunity so planning couldn’t be more important. 
Programme: Third Phase Retirement Planning: Opportunity & Choice 
For: Those planning for a new third phase lifestyle 
2017 Dates: 16th February 18th May 8th July 19th October 
Cost: £250 for a single delegate, £350 for a delegate couple plus VAT 
Location: Central London – 0930 – 1630 hrs 
Don’t just keep your head down and ignore it! Adopting a ‘wait and see’ policy allows others to make your choices. When newly ‘retired’ the lack of a working structure brings a surfeit of time – it’s easy to say ‘yes’ without thought of what it entails. You may be drifting, but others will fill your time. Is that really what you want? 
Retirement is not an end, but the start of a new and varied lifestyle. Because we all want different things, with 20-plus years of opportunity and choice start focusing on your future: 
• What do you really want? 
• If partnered, what do they want? 
• Are there financial or other implications? 
• What will put the fizz into your new lifestyle? 
• Where to start? 
• And much, much, more 

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Third Phase Retirement Planning
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