Time Management 

How we work is changing – staff development is key to business success. The trend is to work inclusively, to use experience and skills to work more effectively, to respond to new ways of working and changing career opportunities. 
Workshop Time Management - Working Smarter 
For All staff 
Change is today’s constant. Established procedures are being challenged. Data is readily available and communication is instant wherever you are. Teams are smaller; often remote. 
But the workload remains. You need time to review what needs to change but there are other priorities for you and the team. Harnessing the change to improve overall effectiveness and output is high on the agenda for everyone. 
This interactive workshop provides a rare opportunity to focus on this aspect of day-to-day reality. Start 2017 by focusing clearly on how your role has or could change and what is needed to work smarter . 
Take the initiative and book a place. Make time to: 
• Consider your ‘now’ 
• Review the daily structure 
• Identify what steals your time; can you say ‘no?’ 
• Quality v perfect 
• Review routine tasks – tradition, necessary, duplicated? 
• Review time management techniques 
• Identify priorities 
• Understand how ‘more can be less’ 
• Identified key actions 

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Time Management
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