Wellbeing - Resilience 

Restructuring, organisational change and new ways of working are constant. 
We strive to respond – to work smarter and achieve more often with smaller teams, at the same time retaining a quality of provision. 
Although initially change may look straight-forward, in actuality it may throw up unseen problems. Absorbing the impact of merging teams, new procedures, the influence of new technology or possibly relocation, may all be against tight timescales limiting time, to consider how best to build changes into the daily schedule. 
This interactive programme led by an experienced F4C facilitator, will provide you with an opportunity to stand back and consider the impact of how your responsibilities may have changed. 
The half-day workshop will allow you to review and consider how to be effective, personally and within the team to changing responsibilities. 
On completion of this workshop you will: 
• Understand the practical meaning of resilience 
• Consider the reality of change 
• Identify current successful coping strategies 
• Identify problem areas and possible ‘work smarter’ solutions 
• Consider techniques to aid team discussion and effective working 
• Consider – can less mean more? 
• Identify strategies for achieving life balance 
This interactive workshop gives an opportunity to reflect on changes and how they might impact on your responsibilities. Take time out to stand back from the everyday reality. 

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Wellbeing - Resilience
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