Workplace Relationships 

Management Matters is a series of practical half-day interactive workshops led by facilitators experienced in change management, communication and motivation. They focus on core topics – providing an opportunity to look beyond the day-to-day. 
The way we work is changing and management’s role is increasingly complex. How we work is being redefined. Ability to communicate and motivate others is key to overall efficiency. This workshop is an opportunity to stand back from routine; to reflect with others on the impact of change and key development strategies. 
Workshop Workplace Relationships 
For Managers and those with a staffing responsibility 
The way we communicate has and continues to change and challenge established work patterns. Technology and social media brings changes in the way we work and our accessibility. Work often goes with us when we leave the office. 
Change really is constant – we cannot ignore it. But smaller often remote teams, greater involvement in the day-to-day, tight timescales and the need to be accountable, are now the norm. 
Such pressures can bring into focus workplace relationships. The thoughtless gesture, tone of voice, late delivery, can all lead to a breakdown in team communication, a withdrawal of tolerance, goodwill and even accusations of bullying and harassment – all undermine the team-work ethic. 
These issues need to be dealt with before they get established but time is always at a premium. It’s a difficult area and managers don’t want to get it wrong. So take action now and review this important work-relationship issue and with other managers take a half-day out to consider techniques for success, to develop a plan of action. Ensure you take early steps to diffuse the problem.  
Within this essential workshop you consider: 
• The reality of your ‘now" 
• Communication: assertiveness, effective listening, body language, etc 
• Your team; their motivation and early signs of dispute 
• How to establish the facts: is it a team or individual issue? 
• Techniques for dealing with conflict 
• An appropriate strategy: pre-plan the meeting or discussion 
• Face-to-face meeting: as appropriate – key players, the whole team? 
• Keep control, establish expected outcomes 
• Identify key dates for review 

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Workplace Relationships
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