Flexible working, smaller, remote and merged teams embracing the ever-advancing technology, all make demands on the day-to-day. Smaller changes are being absorbed constantly but time to really consider how best to absorb them is just not there. 
Working smarter is the mantra. Teams are encouraged to draw on experience, challenge existing routines and find solutions; different way of thinking – a culture change. 
Motivation and engagement is key to a positive response to new ways of working. At times of change teams need skills training and development but with smaller teams, it’s difficult to release staff from busy schedules. 
L&D is a series of practical half-day interactive workshops developed from F4C’s broad portfolio and led by experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds including working smarter, critical thinking, communication, confidence and motivation, customer service, team change, resilience … Those attending are fully engaged on practical aspects which sustain person effectiveness and create awareness of new and developing internal career opportunities. 
Workshops – 0930 – 1230 hrs convenient A12 locations, £95 +VAT 
24.10.17 Team Change 
21.11.17 Resilience 

Workshop Mentoring – is it for me?  For All staff  Date: 20th September 2017 Workshops – 0930 – 1230 hrs convenient A12 locations, £95 +VAT 

Team Change – a half-day workshop  Team members facing change and new ways of working  24th October 2017 0930 - 1230 hrs £95 +VAT A12/J25 

Workshop Resilience  For All staff  Date: 21st November 2017 Workshops – 0930 – 1230 hrs convenient A12 locations, £95 +VAT 

Contact us at: info@focus4change.co.uk