We no longer retire!  
We know now we are likely to spend as long in retirement as in employment. People 'retiring' today are planning for the next twenty years. Although finance is important, a new lifestyle today is more about the right to decide when to 'retire'. 
This third phase really is about Opportunity & Choice. Living longer, being in control sounds great. But the reality can be daunting. There's never been more opportunity so planning has never been more important. 
The greatest benefit was having time to reflect on the future and good ideas. I need to plan more and think of financial options' Manager, Local Auhority 
'The course definitely helps towards preparing for a change in your life, encouraging optimism and motivation' -  
NHS Clerical Officer  
'Opened avenues of thought and discussion. Still five years to go, but it certainly started a process of planning' - Company Director 
Legislation changes 
Focus on future lifestyle  
“This is the most helpful and constructive course I have ever attended at the University … I will embark on my retirement with greater confidence in the belief that planning is the key" – Professor of Law 
“Retirement is an essential and growing part of the mainstream” – Katherine Whitehorn, writer 
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