We no longer 'retire' - but HR does need to plan! 
But this is becoming increasingly difficult with changing pension legislation and the wellbeing agenda.  
Employees now establish their own 'retirement' date. But whilst some staff may want to take the traditional route, others may hope to negotiate a new, post-retirement contract. Mixed-age teams, and recognition of the reality that older people have a wealth of experience and can learn 'new tricks,' are all relevant to staff retention and productivity. 
Planning is also vital for those considering this option - many will equal their working life in 'retirement'. This third phase is a major life-change and impacts on relationships and lifestyle. With so much opportunity, taking control and making choices can be daunting. 
But adopting a 'wait and see' policy is not the answer. 
F4C have more than twenty years' experience developing and leading one-day in-house retirement planning programmes for organisations  
including the public and private sectors, NHS and emergency services, the professions and over twenty universities, all with consistently positive evaluations. Regularly updated to reflect today's needs, the friendly, interactive workshop is led by experienced third-phase lifestyle facilitators. The important financial element is provided by Chartered Independent Financial Advisers working with us and respect our policy of not selling to your staff.  
Increasingly delegates attending are five years from 'retiring' and many have no date decided. But feedback from HR clients advise they find our programme Opportunity & Choice focuses staff on this future option and it's potential. Staff begin to plan a new lifestyle which benefits workforce planning. 
'The courses are well received and we have noticed an increasing number of inquiries as a result of colleagues who attended recommending Retirement - Opportunity & Choice as essential to their retirement planning.' - Head of Training & Development, Ipswich Borough Council 
Can you afford not to have this programme in your Wellbeing portfolio? 
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