Critical Conversations 

Managers understand today’s quality-driven business climate requires leaders to communicate effectively throughout the organisation as well as with customers and clients. 
Communication is central to organisational effectiveness and technology provides a convenient, fast method readily available wherever you are. But are we in danger of losing the ability to communicate effectively face-to-face? 
There is real concern that lack of person-to-person contact is impacting on internal promotion, particularly opportunities in leadership and management . 
Screen-based communication cannot provide all the answers. Some conversations must be face-to-face. But the less we use this communication form, the harder it becomes. Some essential conversations will be confrontational or will deliver bad news; it is also key to motivating staff in a climate of change. Difficult conversations cannot be avoided. Don’t neglect this core skill. 
This interactive workshop considers techniques for managing difficult situations face-to- face – to plan and communicate clearly, effectively and sensitively to avoid misunderstanding. 
Give yourself the confidence to conduct these conversations professionally. Difficult subjects have to be broached - about bullying, redundancy, retirement or disciplinary. 
A practical half-day is led by an experienced and well-qualified communication facilitator. Training materials, case studies and group discussion focuses on key underlying issues and a dedicated workbook with additional material for notes and personal reflections to build into a comprehensive resource for future reference. 
Let our experienced team help your people deal positively with change. 
All half-day workshops provide a flexible in-house resource which can be tweaked to reflect specific training needs.  

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