LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT SERIES  Mentoring – is it for me? 

For All staff 
The way we work is changing. Staff are working differently. Technology is challenging and changing accepted procedures. Inclusivity is the new word - using the team’s experience to solve problems and work more efficiently; to work smarter. 
So could mentoring help my career? 
The definition of mentoring: ‘supporting and encouraging people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise potential, develop their skills, improve performance and become the person they want to be.’ E Parsloe, Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring 
Unlike other work relationships, mentoring tends to be voluntary on both sides – mentors can be drawn from all levels of the organisation. Mentors are those who wish to pass on some of what they have learned to another who will benefit from their experience. 
This workshop reviews opportunities that may arise internally within the changing workplace through strategic use of appraisals, mentoring, etc to benefit career progression. At the end of the workshop staff will have: 
• Evaluated how their work is changing 
• Identified/evaluated existing performance assessment procedures 
• Understood the personal benefits of mentoring 
• Identified other internal opportunities for career progression 
• Developed an action plan for career development 
Interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators, are based on the reality of the day-to-day workplace. The workshop is supported with a comprehensive workbook containing additional material for future reference. 
All half-day workshops provide a flexible in-house resource which can be tweaked to reflect specific training needs. 

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