For All staff 
Initially, change can look straightforward. But it does throw up unseen problems. In today’s workplace staff may have to absorb the impact of remote or merging teams, new procedures, the influence of new technology or possibly relocation. 
Time to consider how best to build changes into the daily structure may be limited with increasingly tight timescales. 
This practical workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on the impact of changing responsibilities and personal effectiveness. 
Take time out to review and consider with others how less can be more. On completion those attending will: 
• Understand the practical meaning of resilience 
• Consider the reality of change 
• Identify current successful coping strategies 
• Identify problem areas and possible ‘work smarter’ solutions 
• Consider techniques to aid team discussion and effective working 
• Consider – can less really mean more? 
• Identify strategies for achieving life balance 
This practical workshop is a rare opportunity to stand back from the daily activity and review with others how you might actually achieve more with less! 
Interactive workshops led by experienced facilitators are based on the reality of the day-to-day workplace. They are supported with a comprehensive workbook containing additional material for future reference. 
All half-day workshops provide a flexible in-house resource which can be tweaked to reflect specific training needs. 
Call Di or Owen on 01206 506100 to talk about the possible. 

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