Workshop 1 – Vision and change:  For Managers and team leaders  Date: 31st January 2017 

How we work is changing. What we do, how we relate to colleagues, customers and clients; how we use existing tools and integrate new ones. Managers need time to reflect on the ‘now’ and consider future needs. Teams must be more involved; empowered to draw on expertise. To review and challenge existing norms, to harness new ways of working – to do more with less! 
F4C know time is finite. But getting to ‘can do’ is a culture change for managers and their teams. The 2017 open programme starts with six themed modules focusing on key management issues pertinent to the changing workplace. 
Workshops (0930 – 1230) are led by experienced management and communication facilitators. £150 plus VAT. Located with ample parking just off the A12 at Junction 25 (Marks Tey), these workshops allow a quick return to the work hub. 
Workshop Workshop 1 – Vision and change: 
For Managers and team leaders 
Date: 31st January 2017 
The day-to-day reality allows little time for reflection. Managers know there are aspects that really need thinking time but it’s always a ‘tomorrow’ thing. This first workshop in the series is an opportunity to consider with other managers the implications of change. Time to focus clearly on ‘need or nice’ – to prioritise current needs and assign other thoughts to a ‘future’ folder. 
Daily routines get established but do they still meet your needs? Is there something that ought be changed but … Are there issues that regularly frustrate and if so how can they be solved? What steals your time, where are the blocks? Is it really possible to do more with less? 
This interactive workshop is supported by a comprehensive workbook with additional material and space for personal notes building into a personal resource for future use. 
On completion managers will have: 
• Considered the daily ‘now’ 
• Identified key frustrations in the working day 
• Identified how the working day is changing 
• Prioritised on a ‘need’ and ‘nice’ basis 
• Reviewed and considered existing routines 
• Identified key areas a change 
• Considered the impact on current frustrations/time management 
• Developed an action list (to do now, items to discuss/research) 

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