Workshop Workshop 6 – Management Review and Reflect.  For Managers and team leaders  Date: 11th July 2017 

How we work is changing. What we do, how we relate to colleagues, customers and clients; how we use existing tools and integrate new ones. Managers need time to reflect on the ‘now’ and consider future needs. Teams must be more involved; empowered to draw on expertise. To review and challenge existing norms, to harness new ways of working – to do more with less! 
F4C know time is finite. But getting to ‘can do’ is a culture change for managers and their teams. The 2017 open programme starts with six themed modules focusing on key management issues pertinent to the changing workplace. 
Workshops (0930 – 1230) are led by experienced management and communication facilitators. £150 plus VAT. Located with ample parking just off the A12 at Junction 25 (Marks Tey), these workshops allow a quick return to the work hub. 
Workshop Workshop 6 – Management Review and Reflect. 
For Managers and team leaders 
Date: 11th July 2017 
Overview: The final workshop in this series. Managers have focused monthly on key elements of change in the context of their daily reality. 
• Vision and change – management reality and implications: 
• Resources – providing support for the changing workplace 
• Communication – fit for today’s purpose? 
• Team motivation – getting to ‘can do’ 
• Staff development – effective mentoring and more 
Some changes will have been made, others are yet to come. So in this final workshop take the opportunity to review with other managers: 

Your staff / teams: 

What has changed? 
What has met with resistance? 
Are there solutions? 
Is there a development need? 

As a manager: 

What worked? 
What disappointed? 
What is still needed? 

Personal focus: 

Has or is the culture changing? 
What do you need to sustain this change? 
What has benefitted you as a manager? 
What surprised you? 
What was your proudest achievement? 
Identify two key things you would like to achieve within your career? 
As a manager what is your next career goal? 
How will you achieve this and by when? 

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